Floating parquet: advantages and disadvantages

Parquet has always been considered the ideal covering for all those who want elegance and high quality for their home. The market offers a wide range of wood flooring with patterns in many types of wood and numerous finishes. Today we talk specifically about floating parquet , what it is, how it is installed and why to choose it luxury vinyl flooring in Rochester, MN.

Floating parquet: advantages and disadvantages

When choosing the wooden flooring, the first thing to do is decide whether to opt for the parquet to be glued or for the floating one . The substantial difference between the two is to be found in the laying method. The first is glued directly to the bottom. The second, on the other hand, is simply placed on a laying surface, which can be a pre-existing floor or a screed, placing a mat under the parquet which will thus be ” floating “. Let’s see in detail what are the advantages and disadvantages of this last type of parquet.

The advantages of floating parquet

This type of flooring, of new technology, is made up of layers of wood and has a click system that allows an installation that does not include the use of glue . Here are all the advantages of “floating” parquet.

Quick and easy installation . The simplicity and speed of installation allows a do-it-yourself installation without the help of a professional in the sector.

Consequently, any removal and replacement are also simplified and fast .

Underfloor heating . This type of parquet is ideal if you want to install underfloor heating. The models designed for laying on a thermo-heated screed allow optimal heat transmission.

Moisture protection . The floating installation is the only one that allows you to protect the wooden floor from the danger of moisture infiltration from the screed, due to the possibility of inserting a nylon vapor barrier inside it.

Convenient from an economic point of view . Overall, the installation of the floating parquet is less expensive than that of the parquet to be glued which, in addition to the costs of materials (such as glue), also includes the labor of a professional installer.

Available in numerous finishes and designs , which adapt to any type of environment and furniture.